909 fiction words, 1,063 total words

Welcome to the weekend!

Greetings and salutations! I’m sitting and relaxing today watching a Minecraft Livestream on Twitch with Elder Youth. I have a feeling that today will be less writing and more research/learning, simply because with all the laundry interruptions, I tend to get less written.

If anything.

909 fiction words, 1,063 total words

Yesterday’s words were good, as you can see. I finished a story in the morning, cleaned up a bunch of spilled water from flowers I foolishly left on my desk during my shower, and then published it under a pen name in the evening. There’s a little bit of housekeeping to do with that still, and then I will start learning things.

I used to write romance. I haven’t in a while for I don’t know why. I like reading romance – it’s actually my favorite genre. So today’s learning is going to focus on romance novel “beats” (a new word I learned this week) and “hooks” (which I knew about but didn’t have the word for it).

Also under the, “I learned this” umbrella I need to think about whether I would put romance under a pen name or not. I’m inclined to not. I’m thinking that I could do enough branding of romance novel covers to distinguish between that and the rest of the things I write, whether they’re fantasy or science fiction or some weird mash of the two.

The argument with pen names, as I understand it, is that you want readers to be confidant about what you write so they don’t pick up something new expecting romance and then get totally squicked out when you actually wrote horror. I think I can accomplish this with branding and covers. If you have thoughts you’d like to share on this, I’d love to hear them. 🙂

404 fiction words, 579 total words


I’ve been listening to a podcast this week, which is unusual because I usually don’t think I have time for them, I’m generally not interested in that type of media consumption, and usually they are so confusing to play I give up after one or two episodes (thanks, NPR). I’m enjoying this one, though, played through Podcast Addict on my Android phone.

It’s called Self Publishing Formula, and so far from the episodes I’ve listened to there is quite a bit of good information in there. So ultimately I’m enjoying it, even if I do think the name of the podcast is a little far reaching.

Yesterday I wrote some words, but not as many as I’d hoped because of an evening meeting.  Something is better than nothing, I’ll keep reminding myself of that.

404 fiction words, 579 total words

I ended up basically rewriting the words I wrote in the morning in the evening on the short that I have written in one day the last two Saturdays. It’s hard when I can’t find the time to get back into the story so I can just write and get it done. That was frustrating yesterday, and so is influencing my mood this morning.

I’m sure I’ll get back into things, but for now, I’m just going to pretend I’m not awake yet and communicate in grunts.

1,555 fiction words, 1,820 total words

Getting into the groove

I had another nice writing day yesterday.

1,555 fiction words, 1,820 total words

Getting back into the habit of writing at close to NaNo speed feels good. I wrote a few words last night at our writing group and planned to write more once I got home. But after doing some housekeeping kind of tasks, I realized I was exhausted. An early, ten o’clock bedtime should have really invigorated me, but when I woke this morning I was groggy and feeling almost sick. (Cold sick, not nauseous, thankfully.)

We’ll see how that plays out. After orange juice and my regular breakfast, I feel like usual. After my second cup of coffee I should be raring to go.

There’s a meeting first thing this morning at the office, so I need to make sure I get out of the house in time, and that means a little less writing time than usual. As long as I take time to make breakfast. I have a couple heads of romaine to cut up, and a new salad spinner to test.