2,944 fiction words, 3,045 total words

Like a bull in a dish shop

We’re charging ahead come hell or whatever other crap life throws our way. (My issues are not weather related, and with the recent flooding for those in the path of Harvey or Irma, “high water” seemed insensitive.)

I am doggedly back behind the keyboard after a rough start yesterday that dissipated sometime around four o’clock in the afternoon. Today will be busy if nothing else. There are a lot of errands to do and not a ton of time to get them done. Plus, I’d like to finish a project before heading out, and I’m not certain if it will be on the time schedule of the person I need to leave with.

We do what we can with what we have and we do our best.

2,944 fiction words, 3,045 total words

Yesterday, the words were good. I wrote a lot of them, all for one story, which makes it a bit longer than its predecessors, but still, within the range I wanted. I look forward to getting it up for sale this morning (fingers crossed) so that I can head out to work after my shower and not take writing time this morning so I can finish that previously mentioned task.

I’m tired. Also, haven’t heard from a couple of friends in a while so I feel it necessary to poke them through electronic means and make sure they’re OK. Such a week.

1,334 fiction words, 1,612 total words


I’m having a rough time getting up and moving this morning. Apparently, I missed my alarm somehow, even though it’s backed up by my Fitbit and usually, the combination is enough to jolt me out of bed. This morning DH needed to say something to get me out of bed.

Well, I’m here now.

I wrote a bit yesterday, though not as much as I intended.

1,334 fiction words, 1,612 total words

Today I’d like to simply set a goal to repeat that number. Finishing the short story I started Sunday seems like almost too much to ask.

Have a lovely Tuesday, everyone!

5,046 fiction words, 5,187 total words


I don’t mention much about politics or world news here. It’s a blog for me and my writing, and I don’t always remember, to be honest. But today is Patriots Day, the day of remembrance in the US of the victims of the September 11th, 2001 terror attacks. I’ll be thinking of everyone affected today.

I’m also keeping the people who were/are in the path of hurricanes Harvey and Irma. I have family and friends in Florida and I’m keeping them in mind and heart as their storm continues through the state.

Now, on to words.

5,046 fiction words, 5,187 total words

Sundays are turning into my best writing days. Part of me still thinks that I should be able to write at least that much on Saturday, but I haven’t quite managed it yet. That’s okay, Sunday is making up for it.

I killed it again this week. Yesterday was my best writing day for September. The week was my best writing week for the year (by 42 words, which totally still counts). I published three short stories and got a newsletter more or less up and running for my pen name (thank you, Labor Day, for the extra writing/working time).

So all in all, it was an excellent week.

This week is considerably busier. There’s that super large work event Saturday, they’re now calling for rain that day, and because I won’t be doing laundry all day, I’m likely going to have my weekend writing thrown into a tailspin because my routine will be blended into an unrecognizable rushed mash.

So if my next week isn’t quite as good, we’ll know why.

Featured image photo by Osman Rana on Unsplash