I’m having a conflicted day, wherein one moment I’m ready to retire from Twitter and this blog (again *sigh*) for privacy reasons, and in the next moment I’m seeing the value of Facebook.

My community is not the same as it once was.

I nearly wrote that it’s not as strong, but that’s not true.

My community used to be also filled with people I had once known and was able to stay connected to on a social media service. And yesterday when I was faced with needing to find homes for two new cats that stumbled into our lives, I missed the ability I used to take for granted to be able to hop online and broadcast a message I knew dozens of people would see immediately.


Gaw. They’re so sweet I can hardly stand it.

Instead, I didn’t have that ability. But what I did have was perfect, and more than enough.

I know a woman who volunteers at a cat shelter, and she gave me two names and numbers within 5 minutes.

I know someone I see weekly that another friend was able to contact who is looking for a cat, so I was able to explore that option.

I work with someone who is a big-time animal lover and I knew, as a last resort, that they would help me place or care for these two snugglebugs.

Not to mention the other 80 or so people I have at the tip of my email-ready fingertips.

I still have a community.

So for now, I’m staying still. I’m holding my position with a blog and a twitter handle and keeping my email contact list up to date – just in case.



A photo of a grey tabby and a black cat resting together
Shy & Shads

Ah, these cats are so cute. If you don’t like cats, I’m quite sorry. I’m going to be posting lots of photos of them because I do. They’re cute when they’re not being butts, and when they are being butts to each other. Like Shy, who just stood on the flaps of the box Shadow was trying to escape from. Heh.