Snow on the top of a crosshatched wooden fence

Still Snowing

Snow on the top of a crosshatched wooden fence

Snow patterns

I wanted to get this online before the day runs away from me. It’s still snowing out and still accumulating. I went out to clear a path to the garage and around my car a bit, so when the plow buries me again it won’t be quite as bad. I also attempted to clear the car off. I’ll make another attempt when I have gloves because my fingers nearly froze. In other news, cats make excellent hand warmers.


Snow Days

Three-quarters of my family are excused from their obligations today due to the quantity of snow that has fallen from the skies and accumulated on the ground (despite yesterday’s 60-degree temperatures and my desperate wishes otherwise). That’s lovely for them, but my current office job is in such transition that I certainly will be expected to make an appearance at some point. Despite the weather, there is oodles more to accomplish there.

Yesterday morning I wrote 417 words before we needed to rush out the door, and I had planned to write more. Exhaustion sent me to bed at 9 p.m., though, and kept me there for nine amazing hours. I’m rested now, and ready to shovel a path to the car (after wading through the snow to the garage to get said shovel).

I’m looking forward to the shoveling, actually. A little.

Photograph of large snow flakes on paved driveway