Decisions, decisions

0 fiction words, 324 total words

Hidey ho, neighbor!

0 fiction words, 324 total words

I’ve been writing this blog nearly all year now – a new one for 2017. Coming back every day for another post is a habit, and a hard one to break. I wasn’t sure I’d be making a post today, but here I am.

I need more habits like this. Some are easier to fall out of once they’re established. I wonder why that is?

I had a delicious Nice Cream for supper tonight, but I still haven’t mastered the art of making them. Next time I promise I’m going to try the small food processor instead of the blender, which I know does better with really liquid stuff rather than just frozen stuff. I keep telling myself that, and I keep forgetting.

That’s all I have for tonight. I should have done this earlier, but I spent all morning sleeping. Nearly, anyway. I still made it to work on time.


You’re welcome!

238 fiction words, 469 total words

Friday was great! I think. It’s been a while, and today was distracting. I didn’t write a lot on Friday, but I did get some great back-to-school shopping deals for Junior Youth.

Although I’m not supposed to use the “s” word.

Because I left work early, I went to work early and didn’t take the time to write much in the morning. And then after getting home, I was spent (hadn’t eaten enough). So this is what I did, and it was good.

238 fiction words, 469 total words

Today was good, but I haven’t written much yet. I am so very close to 10,000 for the week, though, that I can’t help but get those words in before I make a difficult decision.

I believe I can make better money writing shorter pieces under a pen name right now than I can working on longer pieces. And Money is an Issue right now (capitalization intended).

The decision to make is – do I finish the story I’m writing, or do I set it aside in favor of the shorter piece I could probably get up and for sale in a week if not less?

I’m not asking for suggestions, really. I need to sort this one out on my own. I think I’m probably still on track to finish the novel by the end of the month, but I worry that’s too far away.

Well, anyway! More writing tonight, and we’ll see where I stand tomorrow. Have a lovely weekend!

(Why yes, we are watching Moana. Why do you ask?)