Bad puns abound but I added a piece of a much-loved necklace as a charm on my #bujo and wanted to share.


What I got rid of today (books)

I packed up about 2/3 of my remaining books. They filled five small boxes, and I have them out in my car so I can take them to 2nd & Charles to see if they’ll buy them from me. I figure about half of them will get picked up, and the other half I’ll need to put in their outdoor bins (or perhaps take to Goodwill, because I think all of the books have value).

I put one book completely out of commission because I couldn’t in good conscience rehome it or ask someone else to sell it. I feel good about that decision, and am grateful to have it off my shelves, and not on anyone else’s.

I kept books I want to read (fiction and nonfiction), books I love (same categories), books I’m keeping for a while because I think I should (and I’ll work on getting permission to get rid of a few of those, because I tend to keep things out of guilt), resource books that I don’t reference often but feel strongly about keeping, all my filled bullet journals and the gratitude/affirmation logs I kept before those, four card games, some stationery, and a full half-shelf of blank notebooks.

In this minimalism journey I’m going on, there will be lots of stationery, notebooks, and office supplies that I keep because I will use them and I am determined to not acquire extra in the next five years. I have so much it’s silly, but to be honest, it’s a good thing, too. I have always loved notebooks and journals, and I have always loved writing by hand. I will use and enjoy these items, and I hope to value them in new ways while I limit myself from buying more.

Lots of other things will be easy to give away. I’m not a clothes horse, so that’s easy. I have two good coats that I wear, and the remainder don’t fit. I have worn the same pair of earrings for at least the last ten years, and I have two necklaces that I love. The rest of my jewelry seems to be from my childhood, and I’m no longer attached to most of it. I have one pair of work shoes, a pair of walking shoes, and the rest don’t fit (oops – a trend).

The issue will be with everyone else’s stuff. I really hope (although there’s no sign of it yet) that my kids will be excited about how easy it is to keep my areas clean, and how much nicer our room will look, that they will start to follow suit. We can pick three hours on a weekend day and just sort anything.

I’m oddly excited about that.

Updated to add: I was right. They took almost four boxes of the six I went in with. I left a few of the older books in the free bins outside, and the rest I’m taking to Goodwill. There are some good romance novels in there and a couple resources that I think will be helpful to someone.


The #bujo and the case for the writing computer. Almost got the phone in the photo, but the phone is occupied at the moment. 🙂

An aqua blue notebook on top of a pink laptop sleeve with handles.

Today’s spread

A two-page spread from my bullet journal for the day
A two-page spread from my bullet journal for the day
Daily Spread

I don’t know if I’ve ever posted anything like this before, an entire two-page spread from my Bullet Journal. This is pretty typical of my spreads for the first quarter of the year, with the newcomer being the #rockyourhandwriting challenge I’m doing with Instagram. I actually am not getting as much use out of the Today detail, because I keep up with it in the morning but generally lose it once my day really gets going. The Gratitude detail is critical for me, and I feel it when I don’t get that done. The Tasks isn’t usually so detailed, to be honest, but when I have a lot to do, I get a lot done. I’m thinking I’ll start the spreads the night before so I have my task list ready for me first thing and I won’t have to spend time thinking about it when I’m just barely awake.

S. Fluffy McFlufferson & Hippo

A book, a journal, a Bullet Journal, a writing notebook, a longhaired tabby cat, and a stuffed hippo on a sofa with a green blanket in the background
A book, a journal, a Bullet Journal, a writing notebook, a longhaired tabby cat, and a stuffed hippo on a sofa with a green blanket in the background

These are my friends, Hippo and Fluffy. Fluffy decided laying on his back, spread-eagled would be a good way to get attention. I decided lying a small stuffed water horse on his stomach was a good way to get a cute picture. Since we were both right, I offer you this photo for your viewing pleasure this evening. Please, enjoy.

(insert witty title here)

My yesterday wasn’t as productive as the day before, but it still was a good word day. I wrote X words (with X words total).

I keep a Bullet Journal. It was actually a suggestion by someone who stopped by during the A to Z Blog Challenge last year. They were all like, “You sound like the kind of person who would like this.” And I was all like, “What is that?” And then I was all like, “OMGIHAVETOHAVETHISINMYLIFE” and I bought journals and pens and got hooked on content by Kara at Boho Berry, and the rest is history.

(I don’t actually know the etymology or origin of that phrase, but I don’t think I’ve used it correctly.)

Anyway, could I track yesterday’s lack of progress to the fact that I forgot to track my time yesterday in my #bujo? I could make the connection, but I don’t think it’s a strong one. I also woke this morning at my goal hour, then fell back asleep for an hour nap, setting me back an hour in my morning. Could I connect that to yesterday’s failure? Again, not a strong connection.

But it was the first one I made. I’m being careful to keep it open this morning so I don’t forget. I’m actually not clear on how tracking my day helps me, but it was a suggestion in a seminar I took to find where I have time to write. It may be working without me realizing it, but it’s a task I enjoy, as I really like to see my routine on paper.

Apparently. Because I keep doing it.