The Day After

95 fiction words, 208 total words, 0 hours on publication

Yesterday was busy, but everything went off without a hitch (more or less). One of the things that was less was that my computer spent the entire hour I had available (and then some) in the morning on updates instead of letting me use it. Not too bad in the scheme of things.

We got a large stringed instrument dropped off at the appropriate place. I got Junior Youth to school on time. I left work early and got the same child from an after school activity. I got supper done and stopped by my writing group before an evening office-related engagement. After that, I made it back to my writing group for some detox, and then home at a reasonable time.

There wasn’t a lot of time for writing, though. I squeezed in blog posts and a few minutes of words before the end of the day: 95 fiction words, 208 total words. Nothing on publication, though. Maybe nothing tonight, either, as there is a concert to attend this evening.

Otherwise, today is normal. Hopefully.


Even though we just had a load of holidays, I would have enjoyed having Monday off as well. Alas, that is not to be, and I will be returning to my office in short order.

One would think my weekends could be more productive. And yet, yesterday’s words were hard to come by. 248 of them came from two blog post, and the other 501 of them were from fiction. I was happy to manage more than Friday, but geez.

I think it’s important for me to remember that just because this is another, new year, I have not yet fallen into my regular routine. Life has gotten in the way, as I assist family with a move and am able to take less time for myself. I will need to forgive myself a little, and work a little harder in the new spaces I have for work.

Like now. I have turned off the television and the kids are happy on their devices. If I go and write for 30 minutes, see what I can accomplish, I believe I will feel better about my production tomorrow.

So, if you will excuse me, I need to go prepare some amazing numbers (and move this book further down the line towards production) for tomorrow.