Start and End (a miscellaneous post)

It could be argued that all my posts are miscellaneous posts.


These guys are how I started my day. I came downstairs, fed the cats, and opened the window. As I made my coffee, three of the four of them mobbed said window. (They really like the cool air, apparently.) Fluffy, the only one not pictured, stopped by later for his bit of enjoyment.

About a week ago I got a new-to-me vacuum from my mom, her Dyson DC65 Animal upright. It has its quirks (it doesn’t like to stand upright, and the cord is irritatingly stiff and prone to tangles), which is why when she heard that I thought mine had broken, she was happy to have an excuse to replace hers and gift it to me.

I used it for the first time on Mother’s Day, and it’s amazing. I really, really love it. I’ve used it, and I’ve experienced the annoyances it definitely has, but it vacuumed up an entire cat worth of hair. !!!

So worth it.

My hair is growing in, and it’s eliciting an awful lot of comments such as, “Wow, look at all that hair!” And, “Wow, your hair is really growing in!”

Yes. Yes, it is. ◔_◔

I had a class with my kid tonight, and it was fun. I got drawn on with a stabby pen.


That is all.



This camera does a heck of a nice job in low light. My blackish brown cat has never looked so good.

Another Day in the Neighborhood

104 fiction words, 373 total words


Yesterday I wrote some good words.

104 fiction words, 373 total words

Today I check out Whole Foods for the first time, Costco with Mom (because it’s been a while), and then relax, I think. I suppose it depends on when I get home.

I’ve had one cup of coffee and I’ll need to get another one of those down if I want to operate at peak capacity. I should probably not drink even that much, but I just don’t care right now.

So there!

Today’s the day

130 fiction words, 396 total words

I’m nervous and excited and anxious to just get on with it. Traveling is fun, and driving long distances by myself isn’t something I often get to do. It’ll be a hard weekend (driving 700 miles one direction to flip around and do the same drive back the next day), but who cares! I’ll rest when I return.

130 fiction words, 396 total words

Something I forgot to mention yesterday is that I got paid! I mean, not a ton, but I was quite excited. (Paid from my writing, to be clear.) So I’ll finally have some income to report at the end of the month. *squee*

There’s nothing else to say. I reported most of yesterday last night, then wrote those few words up there while watching a movie (should have focused on writing). Tonight, I drive.



A photo of a grey tabby and a black cat resting together
Shy & Shads

Ah, these cats are so cute. If you don’t like cats, I’m quite sorry. I’m going to be posting lots of photos of them because I do. They’re cute when they’re not being butts, and when they are being butts to each other. Like Shy, who just stood on the flaps of the box Shadow was trying to escape from. Heh.