Y writer no writing?

I am alive! It was a close thing, let me tell you.

And it’s not over.

But the terrifying thing on Monday did not kill me. This is the good news. The bad news is that the terrifying thing pointed out that maybe I cannot make writing a full-time gig this year.

There’s a certain amount of relief in saying that, you know?

My free time, of which I have a small amount, will now primarily be taken up by things that can bring income into my pockets. With the stress that’s been swirling around lately, that’s not writing. It could be, but it’s not right now. Maybe once I cool down a bit. When my mind clears.

(The saying that is plastered on my writing laptop, that waiting for inspiration to write is like standing at the airport waiting for a train tickles the back of my brain, a painful suggestion that maybe I should be trying to write anyway.)

In the meantime, I will be cleaning other people’s homes on a part-time basis. I will also be typing for money. I’ll get better at both with practice, as one does who is willing to learn. I hope it will be enough, and then I still get to see my family.

Ultimately, I remind myself that our family is generally healthy, and as long as we have each other, everything will be okay. It might suck, but it will be okay.

That is the status of things. Happy March.

Photo by Sharon McCutcheon on Unsplash

Oil Changes and Batteries

387 fiction words, 518 total words

My car has a thing to start it that isn’t quite a key but isn’t quite keyless, either. When I bought it, I read that apparently there’s a “thing” where the car just stops starting. It doesn’t turn over or anything. So I had in my head, when it started performing this way, that it was just a “thing” I was going to have to learn to work around.

My previous car had “things”. I’m proud of determining that, after filling the tank with gas (any amounts) I would need to start the vehicle without my foot on the brake but on the gas, revving it around 2K for nearly thirty seconds, and then, after making sure no humans or buildings or other vehicles were in front of me, quickly putting on the brake, throwing the car into drive, and then praying I could drive it about for a bit (occasionally taking slow tours around buildings) before having to hit the brake again. Then I was good until the next fill-up.

But today I went to get the new car an oil change at my favored service station, they did a courtesy check and sampled the battery. “It’s on the low side of good,” they said, “so unless you’re having trouble starting the car?”


Words written yesterday:

387 fiction words, 518 total words

And I wrote a ton more words this morning at the shop, so I’m excited about that. Today still I hope to get the Income vs Expenses post ready. I have a bit of time, cleaning being put on hold for a bit because I’m tired of sweating.


168 fiction words, 309 total words

You get cat sounds tonight. My cats have been very vocal lately. I wonder if it’s the heat, or just a general desire for attention, but it’s not clear. They’re also still having fun on their brand new play place, the loveseat sofa sitting upended in my living room. It’ll go away Sunday. The bed will be here for another couple weeks, but that will give the cats new hiding spots, and that’s OK.

There are some really neat cat installations involving posts of about 1′ to 2′ that emerge from the wall horizontal to the floor and are wrapped with sisal rope. I’d like to do something like that someday.

Yesterday I struggled with writing, and I went to bed early thinking I would easily wake this morning to write. To a certain extent, this was correct. Just before 7 a.m. Elder Youth knocked firmly on my door, ripping me from my dream to let me know that something was dripping in the kitchen, and Junior Youth was “freaking out”.

Well, Junior Youth nailed it. There was water coming in the kitchen, and pots and pans were pulled out to catch it. (The house has quirks.) Elder Youth was unimpressed, but Junior Youth definitely got all the points this morning.

Speaking of words last night:

168 fiction words, 309 total words

And tonight is starting late for my routines, but I got a lot of other things done today. (Returning the bass was not among those things, unfortunately.) All is good.

Clean up your crap: a book review

The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up book coverWell, that’s a very sloppy title for the book I just finished by Marie Kondō, The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up, but there’s the gist of it as it gets filtered through my brain. Ms. Kondō wrote a lovely, short book about her method of “tidying up”, as she calls it. But that word (tidying) grates on my nerves, so we’re going to go with “cleaning up your crap”.

Anyway, on to the book!


Kondō writes that the way to clean up our homes and our lives is to take a look at everything, and if we don’t love it, lump it. No, seriously. Don’t worry about whether you’re still going to have enough underwear to make it through the week, don’t worry that you won’t have an outfit to wear to that super-specific event, just discard anything that you don’t absolutely love and everything will work out okay.

And for goodness’ sake, when you’re going through your stuff, don’t leave anything out! Otherwise, she’s going to throw it away. (If you didn’t remember it when it came time to look at everything, clearly it’s not worth keeping.)

Don’t forget to re-learn how to fold your clothes, either.


I enjoyed it. No, I really enjoyed it. To be perfectly frank, thanking items for their service, or for the purpose they served, is not out of my realm of acceptable concepts.

And let me just say right now that I keep absolutely everything. I keep things out of guilt. I keep things because of “someday”. I keep things because I spent good money on that. And I keep things because I’ll fit into it again, and seven years ago when it fit last it was so super cute! So I am the target audience here.

What Kondō has written makes sense to me, and I am beyond excited to try it out. And I hate to clean! (Unless, of course, I’m angry. Then I clean as an expression of my fury.)

Fine Points

There are a couple things, though, that I will adjust for my sanity. Not that I think I know how to clean crap up better than the author, but I do know me pretty well.

“Quickly” is going to have to mean a few weeks. If I start losing steam, I can probably pick up the pace again, but I only have a few weekday evening hours and one weekend day available to do such things.

And I’m going to have to run things by my family. There are things that have been entrusted to me with the understanding that I will keep them. In this process, I’m not supposed to involve my mother at all, but I don’t want her to find I’ve given away or trashed something that would “spark joy” (Kondō’s words for what happens when you find something you should keep). Or, you know, send her into a deep spiral of sad.

Buyer Beware

Okay, I should address the fact that this book is kind of hokey. Thank your house for sheltering you? Give each item an “address”? And I just flipped through a couple of reviews asking about finding joy in beige underwear and carrot peelers.

I get it. I really do. This isn’t for everyone, and if you’re rolling your eyes while reading it, don’t force it. Find yourself another way to clean up your crap. There are dozens of ways, and while Kondō hasn’t had any clients slip back into their pre-tidying ways, that doesn’t mean that this is the only route.

And Finally

I’m going to take pictures.

I’m going to work very hard not to attack my husband’s stuff or my kids’ stuff in the process because “I know best.”

I’m excited.

That is all.

Productive days

Yesterday, with the day free from usual obligations (day job), I did get much more written than Sunday or Monday. I wrote 224 words here on the blog, and 1,950 words of fiction on 001, a yet untitled feline tech narrative. My fiction total for the year is now 3,355.

I am still off target. I knew 3,700+ words per day wouldn’t be easy, but it’s much more difficult than I expected. Part of that is that I’m trying to write a good first draft, and I’m used to writing Zero Drafts. (I define a zero draft as what I would write in November for National Novel Writing Month, consisting of words on the page to reach the word count, and not thinking about plot or the craft of the story at all.) My hope is that as the month goes on it will become easier as I develop the habits I want.

There are some non-writing related jobs that I would like to do to improve my writing speed as well. While I can’t afford a new computer at this point to act as my writing computer, I do have an older laptop that I think will do the job. I’ll install a word processor, and a friend will remove Internet capabilities. With that monster sitting on my desk, I should have a space to turn to that is just writing, not gaming, emails, or web surfing.

To be able to use the desk, I need to clean out underneath it. There are boxes of items I’ve brought home from my office that I need to process. I imagine virtually none of the items are actually useful. I could probably clean that area out before the weekend if I pull a box out every morning to sort through.

I’m still in a “throw all the things away” mood, so that will be helpful.

I’m very glad the new year is here. While I’m not looking forward to returning to work today, I’m hopeful it will pass quickly and I’ll get to enjoy my evening soon.