Walking down the sidewalk in wilting heat this afternoon (why, oh why did I agree to that?) I spotted a shell in the sidewalk. I believe this is not an unusual thing, depending on what kind of cement is used, or where it’s made. It was lovely. Enjoy a bit of a Where’s Waldo moment trying to find it, if you like.

Cement sidewalk with seashells and rocks embedded in it


Ask me to tell you a story some day, and I’ll tell you about a puppy hidden in a half-built house, a family who built their house from scrach, and a dead tree stump named Mama.

A valley between rolling hills, a farmhouse on one side and a home built into the hill on the other

Ditch Weeds

I don’t notice these weeds in any other place than Iowa. I remember them and clover everywhere growing up, so of course I grabbed a photo.

A white-blossomed weed growing in a ditch in the countryside of Iowa

Driving Done

We accomplished our driving goals today and are ready for a few days of rest in the form of visiting family. This was at one of our stops.

A blackened with time angel atop a gravestone.
Dark Angel


Finding a hotel is hard! Finding a hotel with available rooms is harder. We stopped at three places before booking a room online two and a half hours up the road. It worked out eventually, and progress is good. Regular posting will resume whenever.

An olive green throw on top of white sheets


Wallpaper with an ampersand design

I’m out tonight hanging with a friend and attempting to post on phone in munited amount of time. Having lots of fun and found a good pattern for today’s post. I hope you’re having a good start to your weekend, whomever you are!

Blue Skies

Partly cloudy skies lit by the sun
Shining On Me
A gorgeous, temperate day today. I didn’t realize so much of the building made it into the shot, though. Anyway, the temps are cool and there’s a nice breeze. I’m not sure about the pollen, but I wasn’t bothered. That’s not saying much, though, because it takes a ridiculous amount of the stuff to set me off.


Green paint on the floor and walls of a room

I love this color, but not what it represents. Being a little on the camera shy side, you know. It’s been years since I had to record in front of a camera, but it did get easier with time. I’m hoping I don’t have to do it again, but I suppose if I must, I must. At least it’s in-house and not public.

Just because

Trees shown behind the white railing posts of a desk.Trees and Things
I’m trying to get more comfortable with posting from my phone. The things I do easily from the desktop are a little more confusing here. I think I managed this okay, and hopefully it will allow easier (and earlier, and more spontaneous) 365 challenge posts. The thing it doesn’t do is give me my word count. Hmph.