Shadow’s Awesome (especially on Mondays)

DAILY: 1053 fiction words, 1759 total words

Another Youth-contributed post title for today.

Yay, it’s Monday! I’m probably only excited because I got like eight hours of sleep last night – or at least eight hours in bed. It was lovely, although I still wish I’d hauled my butt out of bed at five like I planned. Oh well!

I wrote quite a bit yesterday! 1,053 fiction words and 1,759 total words. It ended up being more fiction words than blog words, which is the correct balance for me. I also realized yesterday that I’ve never had a week this year with more than 10,000 words. That’s going to have to be this week’s goal.

So even with all the Minecraft and Downton Abbey, I still managed words. Maybe they stink, but I’m going to worry about that later. I’m not terrific at one-draft writing yet, and at this point, I’m really going to just go with it and get it out there and repeat the process. Wash, rinse, repeat, as it’s said.

Week 23's Statblock

So even though this wasn’t close to a 10K week, it was certainly better than the week before, and better than about half the weeks so far. I just realized we’re coming up fast on the midpoint of the year. Gleep.

My average daily fiction word count has fallen to 438. This is one of those things I remember clearly from school. I was never good at starting things out on strong notes, and then I had to scramble furiously to try to bring my average up. I was a B+/C- student, so it never quite worked. At this point, I’m not sure what I’d need to bring the average up to 1,000 or more. That was math that didn’t come naturally to me, and I’m not sure how to go about calculating it without stabbing numbers into spreadsheet cells to see what happens.

June fiction total: 1,639
May fiction total:
April fiction total: 
March fiction total:
February fiction total: 9,217
January fiction total: 18,615
2017 fiction total: 63,968

I think it would be nice not only if I could make this week a 10K week, but this month a 30K+ month. I haven’t yet had one of those, either. June is a good month for such things, I think. Don’t you?



356 fiction words, 544 total words

We have two sets of markers that my husband used when in school for graphic design (billboards and such), and they’re still in perfect shape despite being at least 20 years old. Sometimes you pay for quality and get it. Also, Staedtler makes a gorgeous marker, in fine and brush tips.

I wrote more fiction words yesterday than I wrote blog words – 356 fiction words, 544 total words. That’s a good feeling, especially since I basically checked out while doing laundry and simply consumed Downton Abbey.

Today I’m consuming about 12 hours of Hermitcraft (Minecraft), and hope to get lots of fiction words while watching other people play video games on my TV. There’s a couple hours where I’ll probably run out and get some errands done, too, because the streams don’t play well except on my phone. Well, anyway, that’s today’s plan.

I’m off for more coffee!

Netflixing, except with Amazon

24 fiction words, 848 total words

Would that be “Priming”? I’m not certain. It doesn’t matter. Season 5, Episode 5. I’m entranced, and it looks like it won’t let up for another season and a half. I might as well get it out of my system. I’ll take a break sometime around 9-ish and get some words in, then go back to it.

Might as well admit when I’m beaten, yes?

I wrote words last night to keep a streak – 24 fiction words. Blog words went much better, at 848 total words, due to the monthly review that let me blather on. (See? Downton Abbey. Right there. Proof. Thank you, Mrs. Hughes.)

The day was fine until I got home. I mentioned yesterday with the photo of the cat what happened, so I won’t rehash it. Suffice to say that I hope everyone is now better informed about what to do when a cat doesn’t show up for lunch. There aren’t many places to hide.

And today I’ve just been swimming in guilt. And watching TV. I’ll stop now and post a pretty picture and yeah.

JUST IN: Cat Gets Scared Off by New Brush

206 fiction words, 498 total words, 0 hours on publication

In a somewhat unsurprising turn of events, the fluffy kitty that needs help managing his matted fur is not thrilled with the prospect of letting me brush and pull at those mats with the new fur rake that arrived yesterday. It does a wonderful job thinning his undercoat, though, which I imagine is a bit of a relief in this weather, and will be appreciated as the house gets warmer with the oncoming summer.

Zero publishing yesterday, but 206 fiction words and 498 total words. I’m plugging. That’s all that can be said. I’ll find my speed again, I know it. (I’m going to keep telling myself that.

So in the story I’m working on now (004 for now) has got a rather grumpy evil type and a rather bouncy hero type. The grump a man is my age (40-ish), living in a big empty house with a big, serious butler and a bunch of money (ill-gained, perhaps, but still). The bouncy hero type is a young girl (8 years old), orphaned (apparently), and oblivious to the grump’s bad moods. Their relationship is quite irritated-as-f* uncle vs bright and shining brat. Naturally, it’s more idolized and heroic uncle vs lost and loney child from the other perspective, but I’ve been focusing on him first. We’ll get to her a bit later. When it’s a bit too late, perhaps. I’m not sure exactly where the story is going, but I do have that much.

Okay, well, it’s time to move my morning forward. I hope everyone has a lovely Friday! I plan to.

Once Upon a Thursday

168 fiction words, 479 total words, 0 hours on publication

My cats are learning their names. I’m unsure why I’m so excited about this, but I am.

Today is another regular day for me, another in a long line of days where I wake up, feed the cats, get coffee, work on my #bujo, journal, then do this: blogging and trying not to get distracted by all the other things going on in other tabs. My feed reader, for example. All those lovely blogs that posted content first thing this morning (or late last night) that I want to catch up on, or the webcomics that have new pages out. Gloriously distracting they are.

I wrote a bit yesterday morning and planned to write more in the evening. 168 fiction words, 479 total words. The reason more fiction words didn’t get written is simple: I needed 38 levels to add Mending to a pickaxe that was in the very last round of upgrades, and so I wanted to go grind in the Nether gathering quartz for the XP. And then I finally did it, got the final upgrade I needed, and went to gather more XP to repair both my Silk Touch pickaxe and the Fortune III pickaxe, so now I at least have the cool tools – until I can get better tools or villagers for a breeder.

And that’s my Minecraft life right now. And writing! Yesh, I do that, too.

Distractions, Distractions

68 fiction words, 433 total words, 0 hours on publication

Even though we had Monday away from work and school, I’m still looking toward the weekend and wondering how quickly it can arrive. I’m not certain why. There’s nothing particularly interesting going on once it gets here.

Yesterday was Tuesday, which means I met with my writing group. I’m very far removed from actually writing at writing group, even though I did pull the computer out of its case. Everyone was working when I was eating, and then I think I distracted them. Maybe, like in a cartoon, there’s a giant “distraction” cloud above my head, raining it wherever I go. It just took them a bit to get saturated.

I wrote 68 fiction words (433 total words), but the only publishing thing I did was order a proof copy. I think it should arrive early next week, but there is a painful lack of communication between CreateSpace and my door. I mean, it shipped. I know that much.

I’m going to try to get some writing done this morning amidst the madness of getting ready for the day. It can’t be worse than trying to write during Mary sniping at Edith, or while watching Bates try to avoid trouble with his cellmate.

Purry kitty is happy kitty

657 fiction words, 909 total words, .5 hours towards publishing

(Coming up with titles every day is hard! So sometimes I steal things my kids say and plop them in as blog titles. You don’t mind, do you? Thought not.)

It has been our mission over the last week or so to brush the cats every chance we get. This is because one of them has developed some impressive mats. It’s not his fault, especially. He’s got long hair and it’s matting in all four armpits of his. (Leg-pits? Under-legs? I don’t know, but you get the idea.) Naturally, it doesn’t feel good for us to brush at them a lot (cats have sensitive skin, especially on their stomachs, so I am learning), so we’re trying a comb, and I’m going to get a mat brush from Amazon (because the local pet store was absolutely useless in this regard). We don’t want to resort to a groomer ($$$, and he’ll hate it).

Yesterday was Memorial Day, and except for the really loud booms setting off near our house, it was quiet. I almost got a haircut, I almost cut my own hair, and I actually did watch quite a bit of Downton Abbey. This will be my 3rd watch-through (although I’ve only seen Season 7 once – not sure how I missed it the first time).

I got words written, too. While not the 2,000-3,000 I’d prefer to write, it was a respectable 657 fiction words (909 total words). I only spent .5 hours towards publishing, correcting a cover that got flagged at CreateSpace. Apparently, there aren’t enough pages for spine info. For that, I would like to blow a large raspberry at them. I fixed it, though, and my back cover spelling errors.

Um…yeah, that’s about it! I’m on a roll this morning, too, even though I didn’t get out of bed for my 5 a.m. alarms. At least I woke with them. Then I fell back asleep and had one of my obligatory “going back to work” work dreams. It was quite odd, with an interrogation by my boss about how the morning went (several things had gone wrong). Then another alarm went off, and that was the end of that. Thankfully.

Writing words and publishing books

That’s how yesterday went. I wrote 113 fiction words, 297 total words, and spent about 2 hours toward publishing.

Of course, none of it went particularly well.

I completely forgot about some 100 words I apparently wrote in the morning. And I sent something off so I could get a print proof ordered, and then discovered I hadn’t done some basic checks, and now I need to start the entire process over today. Stupid rushing mistakes. I’m learning, though. Hopefully.

With today being Memorial Day, and having the day off of work, I’ve nearly forgotten it’s time for a weekly review. The month is coming to a close as well, and a monthly review is around the corner as well.

So, here we go.

Statblock - Week 22

As you can see, it wasn’t a great week for writing, but to be honest, it was fine otherwise, I think. Maybe a bit less than spectacular, but still very nice. There’s not much else to say about it. I’ll chug forward and find my momentum when it’s time.

May fiction total: 5,214
April fiction total: 
March fiction total:
February fiction total: 9,217
January fiction total: 18,615
2017 fiction total: 61,436

This next week has already started on a relaxing note. I’ll do my best to be worthy of it.


A field of grass with hundreds of small flags planted.
Memorial Day

Another day without pub work

174 fiction words, 271 total words, 0 hours on publication

Okay, so I spent another day without publication work mainly because I didn’t have the right computer at hand. The other reason is that it doesn’t feel quite right yet, and so I thought a little space would be helpful. We’re going with that.

I wrote a bit: 174 fiction words (271 total words). Not a ton, but progress. (I seem to say that a lot.) Yesterday was laundry, relaxing, writing, reading. Photos of cute flowers. Some Minecraft.

I also watched The Dressmaker yesterday, which was amazing. I really enjoyed it, the storytelling was splendid, and Kate Winslett did a splendid job. I watched it for free with Amazon Prime, so if you have that you could do the same. Otherwise, it would be worth the rental, and it’s one I’ll probably purchase once it’s no longer available on Prime.

Y’okie, can you tell I’m distracted? It’s a perfect time to get some publishing done. Maybe I can get the A Brief History proof copy ordered. Small steps, Ellie.

Quick, because this is not the time for blogging

28 fiction words, 314 total words, 0 hours on publication

Yesterday I relaxed more than I should have, but I still managed 28 fiction words, 314 total words, and 0 hours on publication. It was Friday, with a medical appointment I needed to courier family to, a school event for Junior Youth (fun was had), and then I got tired faster than I expected. That’s probably because I was too busy digging a hole (in Minecraft).

Anyway, today is for writing, not blogging. I’m off to do the things.