Here we go

Greetings and salutations! It’s Saturday, and while I usually travel to take care of routing clothing maintenance, today I’ll be going into the office to bring it one step closer to shut down. I believe we get to unthread the network, which probably sounds more interesting to me than it actually will be. Well, it just seems that it’ll all be done faster if I help, and if it gets done quickly, maybe we can work on things that need to get done tomorrow, so that tomorrow, we can get more done before the deadline.

Please note: there’s no real chance that we’ll get everything done by the deadline. There’s too much remaining furniture and not enough places to put them. Are you interesting in purchasing a 2-high file cabinet or office chair, by the way? Deadline is looming.

Yesterday I wrote 253 words in fiction, with a grand total of 516. I squeezed them in after a day of loading and unloading a moving truck twice, and shortly after collapsed into bed.

I’m actually surprised that I feel as well as I do today. I’m not too achy, and even though I am getting a cold, I think I’ll be able to push through it for a couple of days before it really takes me down. By then we should be moved into the new office – temporarily if not permanently – and my absence will not mean things don’t get moved.


Snow Days

Three-quarters of my family are excused from their obligations today due to the quantity of snow that has fallen from the skies and accumulated on the ground (despite yesterday’s 60-degree temperatures and my desperate wishes otherwise). That’s lovely for them, but my current office job is in such transition that I certainly will be expected to make an appearance at some point. Despite the weather, there is oodles more to accomplish there.

Yesterday morning I wrote 417 words before we needed to rush out the door, and I had planned to write more. Exhaustion sent me to bed at 9 p.m., though, and kept me there for nine amazing hours. I’m rested now, and ready to shovel a path to the car (after wading through the snow to the garage to get said shovel).

I’m looking forward to the shoveling, actually. A little.

If it gets any weirder I’m going to…

Hi! I woke up this morning to spilled Lucky Charms all over my kitchen carpet! Why does my kitchen have carpet? That’s a real good question I don’t have the answer to right now! It probably has something to do with why my bathrooms have carpet, too. The only uncarpeted space in my house is a hallway. Why? Who knows!

Yesterday I managed 550 fiction words in the morning and intended another 500 in the evening. But when the evening rolled around, I was incredibly tired an hour earlier than usual. So I just crashed. I hoped it would help, but I wasn’t able to wake at my ideal hour. At least I heard the alarm.

I changed how I’m tracking reporting my blogging, splitting my regular post with word updates and daily review from my photo posts. That’s going to let me track how many days I’ve done each, since I can count the number of rows filled in each column easier this way, and I didn’t start the photo challenge on the first of the year.

I think I’ll stop reporting blog words separately, perhaps only indicating my total words for the day (849) alongside my fiction words (550, previously mentioned).

Today is my writing group, so I’ll either have an amazing word count, or a drastically low one. I hope to get 500 in before I even leave the house, because that’s a number I feel good about reporting if I don’t manage anything else.

Writing Marathon

Yesterday I participated in a 12-hour writing marathon. It actually took place a little longer than that, but that’s what I made it through. I wrote more than I have all year, which was a really good feeling.

I wrote 2,051 fiction words, which is a usual November daily count for me. And I wrote an average 222 blog words, which I got out of the way early in the morning.

Unlike this post, which is coming in at the tail end of the day.

Well, there are still words that are waiting to be written! I’m going to go get on that.

Waking early? I tried

I heard my 5 a.m. alarm this morning at least. Then I dove back to sleep, encountering a dream about Japan, my parents, a couple coworkers (current and former), and a film. In my dream, we went to see a movie, and I got separated from my parents (who had just moved there) while looking for bread, and then I found my former coworker, and I stood to see the movie. It was…very strange. Thankfully, my 6 a.m. alarm saved me from any more of it.

Yesterday was writing group (yay!), the moving of desks (several of which decided to detach themselves from other parts of themselves), and the moving of boxes (at least 100 of them which were thankfully very light). I hit my step goal for the second day in a row, and I felt good about that.

I wrote 224 blog words, and 238 blog words. I will probably end up scrapping most of the words from yesterday in a cycle back to clean things up, but thankfully there weren’t a lot of them.

This morning there is the removal of a desk (a small computer one, thankfully) to accomplish before the people capable of helping me move it are gone for the day. I’d better get cracking.

Packing up the supplies

I’m amazed at how a closet full of supplies can be condensed down into two plastic storage tubs. Admittedly, the toner, envelopes, and folders that didn’t get packed into tubs take up more space than that, but all the little things scattered all over? Two tubs.

Oh, and three trips to the dumpster.

I wrote a bit today, but not the way I would have liked. It was lots of rushing shortly before bed, instead of taking my time and then enjoying some TV as a break.

I wrote 218 blog words, and 626 fiction words. I put my character in the hospital, and now I’m trying to talk her way out of it. I’m pretty sure I’ve just drug in another collaborator into this little secret she’s got, but I haven’t figured out when it’ll be necessary to drag the character into the limelight. If at all.

Today involves a quick meeting, a truck, more packing, and less moving than previously anticipated. One does not want to rush the inspectors, you see.


A day where everything was evil

I’m so glad yesterday is over. It was one of those days where my nerves were close to the surface. Everything was irritating.

My phone wouldn’t stop ringing. I kept getting texts. Problems kept cropping up. There was a time deadline on a project I was working on that was constantly interrupted. My bra broke at the office. And then when I was ready to leave, I remembered something I forgot, and then was interrupted twice more on the way to do that one last thing.


There was one good thing about yesterday, and that was that on the way home, I thought of a really good story title. I’m certain my idea of a great title varies greatly from that of others. It’s kind of long, sort of rambly, and gives absolutely no clue as to the content of the story. I think it will be an office hate story. We’ll see.

Since yesterday is over now, today will be great. And actually, yesterday in terms of words wasn’t that bad. My blog words were low at 159, but my fiction was higher than it has been lately at 751. I  may not be able to write all morning today like I’d planned (because the morning is already almost over), but I will have lots of time to sit down and put words on the screen, and I want to do that.

I even managed to turn off Mad Men. Victory!

I hope everyone has (or has had) a lovely Saturday!

Back at the office

Returning to the office yesterday was nearly not accomplished. After a day of moving, I very nearly called out. Thankfully I didn’t, as I had a meeting and some training first thing in the morning that I’d forgotten about (despite it being written in my office #BuJo).

Writing yesterday did not go poorly, based on recent standards. However I have still to achieve my desired speed. With the move (or my portion of it) over, I anticipate a bit more time in the chair.

I wrote 241 blog words, and 160 fiction words. Things that I chopped out of my story earlier are finding their way back in, which I am pleased with as one scene was particularly fun. I’ve brought the romantic interest back in, but I don’t think this is going to turn into a romance, for once. (I do like writing romance.)

Today should be a good day. The cats have finally stopped terrorizing everything (knocking things off counters, ruining piles of things to be sorted on the floor, playing with items that are clearly not cat toys), and we are fully stocked with food. I think I’ll get back to it, and drag my character out of the bar. She really shouldn’t be drinking in her condition.


Yesterday I managed to blog, take a photo, and help finish packing a 4 bedroom, 2,000+ sq ft home, and still squeezed in a few not sucky words. I’m quite pleased with myself.

I am also quite exhausted. I can’t imagine how the folks I helped – one of whom was awake for two days packing – are feeling now. Hopefully happy, but likely also exhausted.

I wrote 177 blog words, and 102 fiction words. The fiction words are as follows because for exhausted words, I liked them and want to share.

She didn’t go to bars as a general rule, but tonight was going to be an exception.

“Appletini, please,” she ordered, sliding awkwardly onto a stool. She didn’t care that the bartender was giving her the sideye at having to prepare something so sickeningly sweet. She didn’t care that she didn’t know anyone around her.

She cared that the drink set before her was suitably neon green in color, appropriately sour on her tongue, and contained some kind of fruit garnish.

Even if it was just a cherry from a jar of sugar water.

Hee! I amuse myself. (Yes, I’m counting those words for today’s blog post. Why do you ask? ¬_¬ )

Poor Miss Blankenship

I’ve been watching entirely too much Mad Men lately. I wish they had more characters like Miss Blankenship. You may have deduced from the post title that something just happened to her, and you would be right. It was a fairly amusing scene, despite the loss of a character.

I worked out some words last night. I started this story hoping it could be a “right the first time” story, but I’m afraid I’ve made so many changes that I don’t really know what’s going on anymore. I referred to magic in the first chapter, and now it’s pure science. I took out the one reference I found, and I can search for the rest, but have I insinuated something I missed?

I suppose that’s why folks have beta readers. I love my writing group, by the way. Have I mentioned that? I love everyone who shows up because everyone has such different strengths and insight.

On to business: I managed more fiction than blog words yesterday, writing 424 in fiction and 357 on the blog. I’m grateful for the upward swing in count, my best fiction day all week. I’d like to improve more on it today, and hopefully I will have the time because at about 2 p.m. I have an appointment to get a nail removed from a tire. I’ll take the computer. The appointment could take 30 minutes or 120, or more. Think of all the writing I could do!