Just a quick note

682 fiction words, 837 total words

My attention is pulled in all sorts of directions with school starting next week. It’s a nice problem to have. Busses, extra-curricular stuffs, homework, supplies…

Okay, I’m guessing none of that will actually be fun, per se. But Routine, man.


682 fiction words, 837 total words

Not a stellar day but I plugged along. I find myself getting tired earlier but not waking up earlier to compensate for lost productivity. I just need to make the decision to do it.

Routine, man! I love me my routines!


A bit back on track

574 fiction words, 1,120 total words

It occurs to me that I am just as much a creature of habit as Elder Youth, which makes sense as EY is my child, and has gotten traits from me. So this week when I’ve been leaving the house early and not taken time to write in the mornings before leaving, it makes sense that I’m not getting as many words as I prefer.

Oh well. I’ll manage. And I wrote yesterday before falling asleep on the sofa at 10:30.

574 fiction words, 1,120 total words

Two blog posts ramped up the blog words, as you can see.

So today is the last day of the odd mornings, and then next week the Youths resume their education. Summer as they know it is nearly over. I’m eager to resume the schedule I enjoy when they’re attending classes daily, although I don’t think either of them are. I wasn’t at their age, either. Everything will be okay eventually.


10 fiction words, 254 total words

Yesterday I left the house early so I could get to work early so I could leave work early so I could write at our writing group early so when we left early to see the movie to celebrate my friend’s birthday I would have some words in.

10 fiction words, 254 total words

So I got some words in, but not much, because Birthdays. It’s all good.

I was also up too late, and I ate a lot of food I shouldn’t have, but also Birthdays.

So this morning I slept in, and now I’m having coffee and food that’s better for me and I’m enjoying more. I should be perked up back to normal soon.

Have a lovely Wednesday!


A lovely trend

2,256 fiction words, 2,479 total words

I had another good word day, although most of the words had to be written in the evening.

It was also a solar eclipse. I was at work and didn’t take any opportunities to watch any portion of it. Had it been sunny instead of overcast, I may have gone outside to look at the shadows from the trees. There were other reasons I didn’t watch (although the availability of a pair of solar eclipse “glasses” were not one), but none that I regret.

So, back to words.

2,256 fiction words, 2,479 total words

I definitely started a new short. It should be around 10,000 by the time I’m done, which means I should have it done by the end of the week if I don’t screw around.

That, however, is not the speed I should be aiming for. Ideally, in the genre I’m writing this in, I should be aiming for 4,000-word stories every day. It’s not a speed I can sustain yet (I have no doubt that I could meet it, though).

Someday. Maybe.

I didn’t work on my longer work at all, which is a little bit of a disappointment to me, but I know it’ll be there when I’m done with this. This will be quick. I’ll get back to the longer piece on the weekend, and then maybe try to push out another short one.

The more you sow, the more you reap. That’s what I’m going with, here.

Wish me luck.

A Week of Kicking Ass

1,618 fiction words, 2,089 total words

Yesterday was good for writing! I didn’t manage the best day ever, but my best day so far was very, very good. Yesterday I took some time to relax and play some Minecraft on our family server, working a bit on the eventual WitherSkelly farm, made some good progress, and found another skull.

It was good.

1,618 fiction words, 2,089 total words

I also started another short story but didn’t get as far into it as I’d hoped. While I don’t generally write two stories at once, it’s necessary.

But now for the week.

It was a good week.

It was the best week of the year for writing so far, which happened on Saturday with 10,232 words.

And I had four of the seven days with more than 1,000 fiction words, and two of those were more than 2,000 word days!

The only record I didn’t manage to blast out of the water was the best single day of words. So far, that’s a 2,613-word day in April, and I imagine the next time stand a very strong chance of beating that is in November.

Then again, I might meet a story I just have to write before then and do it sooner.

So, on to the next week. Hopefully I can keep this up and have an even better one! (An every-day 1K day? Yes, please!)

Week of Firsts and Bests

974 fiction words, 1,231 total words

Vehicle in the shop aside, it’s been a good week. I have made it my best week for words, and now I have made it my first 10K word week with yesterday’s writing. The only thing left is to write more than 2,613 words today to polish everything off.

These things come in threes, you know.

974 fiction words, 1,231 total words

There’s not much to add from yesterday. I went to bed early and woke up about 10 hours later. I was quite tired, so that worked out well.

Today is writing day. I think I’m going to put a half hour into my current story, and then give the rest of my day to a follow-up short story to one I wrote in April under a pen name. One of Heinlein’s rules is that you must finish what you start, and so far I’ve done that all year. I don’t want to ruin that now.

You’re welcome!

238 fiction words, 469 total words

Friday was great! I think. It’s been a while, and today was distracting. I didn’t write a lot on Friday, but I did get some great back-to-school shopping deals for Junior Youth.

Although I’m not supposed to use the “s” word.

Because I left work early, I went to work early and didn’t take the time to write much in the morning. And then after getting home, I was spent (hadn’t eaten enough). So this is what I did, and it was good.

238 fiction words, 469 total words

Today was good, but I haven’t written much yet. I am so very close to 10,000 for the week, though, that I can’t help but get those words in before I make a difficult decision.

I believe I can make better money writing shorter pieces under a pen name right now than I can working on longer pieces. And Money is an Issue right now (capitalization intended).

The decision to make is – do I finish the story I’m writing, or do I set it aside in favor of the shorter piece I could probably get up and for sale in a week if not less?

I’m not asking for suggestions, really. I need to sort this one out on my own. I think I’m probably still on track to finish the novel by the end of the month, but I worry that’s too far away.

Well, anyway! More writing tonight, and we’ll see where I stand tomorrow. Have a lovely weekend!

(Why yes, we are watching Moana. Why do you ask?)


2,276 fiction words, 2,789 total words

Well, aside from cutting my hair yesterday, I also wrote some.

Like, really cut my hair. It’s buzzed in the back and there’s like an inch on top. I’ll admit this morning that it’s shorter than I wanted in back and longer than I wanted on top, but that’s fine. It grows, and I really am very happy with it.

Words went well, too.

2,276 fiction words, 2,789 total words

I made good use of that trick my friend Erin uses where I looked at my total when I thought I was done, and then pushed toward another goal.

I pushed toward 1,667, then toward more words than last week, and then finally toward enough words to push the week up to my third best of the year (8,532). My guess is that at the rate I’m going, this week will easily be the best of the year so far. (And the story could be done this month, although I have a bit to go yet.)

I’m good with that.

Today will be frantic at work because there are a lot of things I need to get done before I leave, and I’m leaving early to take Junior Youth back to school shopping. I’m hoping we can keep our costs down and still get cute stuff. New shoes are, apparently, on the list. Big feet run in the family, but they could stop growing now. That’d be great.

Getting Creepy

1,753 fiction words, 1,919 total words

I have a character in my book that just popped in unexpectedly and is turning the story from general blah (oh dear…back to that in a moment) into horror.

Just for a few minutes though. Maybe a chapter or two.

When I tried to think of the genre there for a moment, all I could think of was “blah”. I bet that was my subconscious trying to tell me the story is boring. That’s not good. It’s supposed to be fantasy (I think). Magic, but also heroes and villains.

Well, at any rate I wrote more last night and yesterday morning. Less last night, but I was amused that when it was time to write I stretched out on the sofa, put my legs up on the back of the sofa, and tipped my head nearly off of it. It’s not particularly easy to write like that because my arm gets squished between me and the sofa cushions, but it’s comfortable otherwise. When I write in the morning on my bed I tend to sit up, curl up a leg, lay down, prop my legs on the wall, roll onto my stomach, and write in all of those positions throughout the 30-minute session.

It’s probably interesting to watch. Less fun for the cats that want to share the bed with me, because all of this moving around is not share-friendly.

1,753 fiction words, 1,919 total words

So if I can keep this up, I will likely finish the story in August. I am toying with the idea, though, of taking a day or two and writing a short story. Did I already mention that? Because I nearly posted it on Facebook but didn’t. The thought is that it’s easier and faster to turn those over into published pieces. Pieces published means pieces available to purchase.

Alliteration abounds.

I’m off to start my morning. I hope yours is lovely!

Writing with Friends

562 fiction words, 1,361 total words

I actually did write a few words last night, but most of my time was spent teaching someone about my #bujo, and encouraging them to start their own. It was nice. I also got a bit of grocery shopping done, and I made it out of the store spending less than $60 (which is what usually happens at that store). So that’s a win.

562 fiction words, 1,361 total words

Not as many fiction words as the day before. I’m stuck a bit, and I was short on time yesterday. This morning I’m going to get unstuck and write more. Then I’ll get back on track.

And maybe I’ll finish the book this month, which would be awesome. I need to take some time to write some shorter fiction that doesn’t require print books, and thus is faster to get to publication.

Oh, I also need to do the Income & Expenses post. Tsk. I’ll add that to my task list for tonight.

I hope everyone has a fabulous Wednesday!