If everything’s special…

“And when everyone’s super, no one will be.”

-Syndrome, The Indredibles

I don’t care that technically if everything is considered special, that as a result none of it is.


If I give a thing value, it is special.

And if everything in my life has value, then it is all special.

Compassion, caring, gratitude, love.

Conflict, negativity, combativeness, hatred.

Personally, I know what side of that balance I want to be on, and what I want to surround myself with. I’ll make my blanket fort from the former, thank you very much, to protect myself from the latter.

And you’re welcome to join me.

Please note: building my blanket fort does not mean that I’m hiding – just preparing for battle. Maybe getting some cuddles in. Yay, hugs! I love those. ❤



Cultivate Your Support System (Part 1)

I am desperate for positive media in my life. I am striving to manage myself in a caring and loving way, and then, in turn, have the energy and skills to support and uplift my children and husband in the same areas.

It’s not easy, but I’m working toward it.

The link above was helpful to me. I know the story behind the post – the author has had to move away from the life she manifested and loved for the good of her health. I’m proud of her for doing what had to be impossibly hard. I’m grateful there are examples like this being shared so I can learn from them.

I can’t always be as open here about my life as I would wish because my life isn’t just me, there are also two underage children and my partner to consider. But I hope to find ways to help by sharing my experiences.

Happy Wednesday, everyone.

Third of 2018, January

It’s my birthday! I’m officially 40. I’m very happy to be 40, and I’ve had a lovely day so far.

I slept in until about 11 a.m., but that was after waking up at 6 a.m. and getting everyone off to school and work. So technically I took a four-hour nap an hour after waking up. That was lovely.

Then I did my morning routine things that I usually do when the kids are getting ready, and which I should be doing an hour before they need to even get up. But last night I went to a late movie and didn’t get to bed until nearly 2 a.m., so I forgave myself not waking at 5 a.m. today.

Then I watched some Black Mirror and replied to a lot of birthday wishes (thank you, everyone!) and by then it was already time for kids to get home from school, so I postponed my errands until that happened.

Then out into the cold! I’ve been needing air in my tires for a week (since it first got supercold), and so took care of that, got lunch from the gas station, forgot to get actual gas, and then went to a tattoo parlor to get an appointment. I was a bit nervous to go in, but overcame it, just like the haircut. It actually worked out much more perfectly than I could have imagined, and in 9 days I’ll be sporting some new ink. I’m quite excited about that.

And then back into the cold! Off to pick up my laptop which I left somewhere warm so I could see that movie last night without breaking the electronics (never leave your electronic toys in the cold or hot, folks!), visited with the custodians of my laptop, returned a package to its rightful owner, and went to get the gas I’d forgotten earlier.

Then dinner. I used to work at Pizza Hut and I still love their food. And bonus, a 50% off all online orders coupon got me my food for half price! Brought it home, ate, watched some YouTube (got sucked into YouTube, really – so easy, yet so treacherous), and now that everyone’s asleep, I’m writing.

Technically I’m blogging. But it’s still writing, and I still count blog words.

I’m 40! 😀

I had a great day. It wasn’t anything special except that I feel special, and grateful, and loved.  I am looking forward to this year – the ups and the inevitable downs – the hard work and the joy and all the good stuff.

And the books. There is an enormous pile of very good books to read.

And to write. 40 stories in my 40th year. Time to get cracking!

Self Portrait at 40

The last of 2017

Can I pinpoint why I am so grateful for 2017?

Probably. Let me try:

  • I ate a mostly plant-based diet for a month this summer and felt amazing doing it. (Then Life.)
  • I published three paperback books (two under a pen name), and several ebooks (all of those under pen names).
  • I made great strides in self-improvement, self-love, and self-confidence.
  • I cut off all my hair, going from shoulder length to a #1 buzz.
  • I wrote  200,366 words of fiction and logged  290,263 words total through fiction, this blog, and the short-lived Veg*ism, Nickified blog (see that aforementioned healthy eating month).
  • I wrote 48,266 words in seven days, my best writing week of all time.
  • So many generous people spent their time with me this year, giving money, time, friendship, and love.
  • We moved my grandmother halfway across the country to live two blocks away instead of 13 hours.
  • We visited our Iowa family and my childhood haunts and collected a photo of my children with all their cousins.

Among other things that don’t come to mine or that I didn’t take pictures of to remember.

I’ve been tracking my writing regularly for two years, but I do have some files from as far back as 2014. Last year, I took my Excel file and put it in Google Docs because I was tired of waiting for Excel to open. Halfway through the year, a friend asked to use it, and so for the past couple of days I’ve been working to make my tracking as generic as possible for anyone else who likes to keep track of this kind of thing.

Here you go!

I’m very, very excited for 2018. I may try to get back to daily blogging because I really enjoy it. I haven’t set resolutions this year, but I have intentions and goals, and I also have tucked away that when one has large goals, failure can still be rather amazing.

I’ll talk more about that tomorrow. For now:

I am so very grateful for your presence in my life in 2017. I am so very grateful for this year, and everything it has taught me. I look forward to 2018 with excitement and positive energy, a positive mindset, an attitude of gratitude, the knowledge that there is abundance all around me, and I look forward to having you enjoy it with me!
Happy New Year!

This is my holiday

I just wanted to wish everyone a fantastic Christmas Day and Monday. The lights, the snow, the opportunity to find ways to show my loved ones they’re loved, it all adds up to a rather lovely day.

Lots of times Christmas is a sad time for me, although not always for any particular reason. It can just get depressing sometimes. Some of my family and loved ones suffer in this season as well. I can do nothing but be there to listen and do the best I can to listen when they need me and reinforce how much I love them.

This Christmas season, this December, has been a positive one for me. I have been filled with gratitude and joy for all the good things and people in my life, and I am excited about my upcoming 40th birthday, to start a new decade with the right mindset and the right attitude.

I’ll still be writing. I’m taking a bit of a rest right now, and it’s just what I need. I will be back soon in full force, blogging and wording and doing Nicki things in a suitably Nickified manner.

For now…

Merry Christmas!

Photo by rawpixel.com on Unsplash

Overflowing with Gratitude

I haven’t had a bottle of wine since last Christmas, I’d bet my glass on it. So my fingers are a bit liberated, to put it finely.

That should not negate what I have to say tonight.

Christmas does not feel like Christmas without a tree and without lights. I do not subscribe to the Christian portion of the holiday, but I do fervently enjoy the exchange of gifts on Christmas morning, being able to give my children things they wish for and trying to do the same for my husband.

Today I spent the day, as I often do, taking care of laundry. It’s an all-day task because we have the unique situation of not having laundry facilities in our home. We travel to my parent’s home, which allows us to see and stay in touch with them as well as benefit from their clothes washer and dryer.

While there, while taking care of getting a week’s worth of clothing clean, I was able to take care of financial responsibilities I have for my grandmother, to watch several episodes of The Crown, and to read some in my book, You are a Badass at Making Money. I was able to clearly label their fuse breaker, and to help with (but ultimately not solve) their smoke detector issue (it keeps beeping even though power was removed before replacing the battery).

When I got home, our Christmas tree, which we had avoided putting up last year because of the addition of four (!!!!) new kittens in our household, was up again. There are ornaments on the tree (mostly red) and lights (all white). It’s a fake tree, and there are fake needes all over the floor.

I am in love.

I am so grateful to my husband and my child for getting the tree up today. I opened up a gifted bottle of wine and the accompanying cookies and enjoyed them with more of The Crown, and am just soaking up the season. I’m am so happy and excited about the way today has gone.

Did I mention we got 4″ of snow today? The lovely card I got from a relative back home (Iowa)?

I am so grateful that there are not words.