Don’t look if you don’t like bugs.

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House Centipede: 0 – Cat: 1

It startled him from his drowsing slumber with his lightning legs and his swerving path. But with eagerness, he sprang forward to track and pin down the creature that was not one of his brothers. The intruder slipped away into the shadows and out of them again, and then his paw found its mark. The multi-legged fiend was trapped.

Then loose, as our hero lifted his foot to discover if his prey was dead or merely stunned. It darted for safety, but Static was too quick, slamming a nimble paw back onto the insect’s back.

Alerted to the trouble, I approached with my rubber-soled weapon. Slap.

Praise was lavished over the brave and majestic tabby. I offered to clean up the carnage, but he enjoyed his spoils too much to let me remove them.

No kitty kisses for me tonight, but he definitely earned his treat.


A close-up of an overturned insect on a cement floor
A close-up of an overturned insect on a cement floor

This little guy’s downside should be obvious. He was struggling quite valiantly until I wandered along. When I paused to take a photo, he paused to pose. His upside is that I didn’t step on him. Darn lucky on that front, too.