The Closet

I have so many clothes. Or rather, I have so many clothes I don’t wear. I keep things for “just in case”, because what if, you know? I’m huge on what if.

And yet when those what if occasions rollaround, do you know what happens?

I end up buying new.

Pfff. So much for that.


I went upstairs tonight, after probably two weeks, and pulled all of the hanging items

from my closet. It’s important to note that I did this once within the past two years, and I greatly reduced my collection that I moved in with. So the load that I removed were items I had recently determined were the things I wanted and needed.

And yet I still had a very large stack. I suppose it’s hard to tell from the photo, but it’s a stack of about eight inches.

So I went through the stack. It took about an hour of picking things up, looking at them, deciding what to do with them, or deciding that I wasn’t sure what to do with them.

Currently I’m wishing I took a before photo of my closet, but I didn’t. Next time, for certain.

At any rate, the big stack with the red shirt on top is everything that doesn’t fit, I don’t like, or I know I’ll never wear but that is in good enough shape for someone else. The stack of t-shirts with the white shirt on top are shirts that have sentimental value, but that I’m not entirely certain what to do with. There’s also a tiny stack in the back by the cat of three shirts, one of which my son might want and the other two which probably need to be tossed, or perhaps otherwise altered before they are donated.

I only threw out one shirt that was a promotional item. The front of it is starting to crack and peel, so I’m done and I don’t feel bad about trashing it.

So the big stack is easy, and it’ll go to Goodwill or get otherwise donated. The sentimental tees I’m not ready to trash or donate or give to friends. They are sentimental enough to look into getting a quilt made (but I’m not doing it myself). The black hangars I’m keeping, the white ones are getting donated with the shirts.

My closet is looking much nicer, but I’m actually not quite done. There is one pair of pants that need repair that I haven’t brought myself to do yet, and I might or might not repair them to keep wearing them a bit longer. There are two to three pairs of crops that I may wear this summer, provided a couple things fall into line. And finally, I kept a dress of my daughter’s that I need to confirm with her no longer fits before I can donate that.

Other than that, my closet contains more or less my essentials – tees I love, tees I wear and moderately enjoy, work clothing, and a couple long-sleeved tees that are toasty if not attractive. I’m excited to have it that way, but I’m also a little scared. I haven’t worn the things I’m ready to get rid of immediately at all in the past year, but what if?

I’m really great at what if.


Today’s the day

130 fiction words, 396 total words

I’m nervous and excited and anxious to just get on with it. Traveling is fun, and driving long distances by myself isn’t something I often get to do. It’ll be a hard weekend (driving 700 miles one direction to flip around and do the same drive back the next day), but who cares! I’ll rest when I return.

130 fiction words, 396 total words

Something I forgot to mention yesterday is that I got paid! I mean, not a ton, but I was quite excited. (Paid from my writing, to be clear.) So I’ll finally have some income to report at the end of the month. *squee*

There’s nothing else to say. I reported most of yesterday last night, then wrote those few words up there while watching a movie (should have focused on writing). Tonight, I drive.



Even though we just had a load of holidays, I would have enjoyed having Monday off as well. Alas, that is not to be, and I will be returning to my office in short order.

One would think my weekends could be more productive. And yet, yesterday’s words were hard to come by. 248 of them came from two blog post, and the other 501 of them were from fiction. I was happy to manage more than Friday, but geez.

I think it’s important for me to remember that just because this is another, new year, I have not yet fallen into my regular routine. Life has gotten in the way, as I assist family with a move and am able to take less time for myself. I will need to forgive myself a little, and work a little harder in the new spaces I have for work.

Like now. I have turned off the television and the kids are happy on their devices. If I go and write for 30 minutes, see what I can accomplish, I believe I will feel better about my production tomorrow.

So, if you will excuse me, I need to go prepare some amazing numbers (and move this book further down the line towards production) for tomorrow.

Amounts of things achieved

Something I have a problem with is realizing that even if I don’t write much, I still very likely was incredibly productive in other areas. While my focus is on words, however, things that can’t be measured that way sometimes feel insignificant.

But they aren’t.

Yesterday, I wrote 483 total words – 339 here, and 144 on 001, a story about cats and technology and maybe a little bit of magic.

Today, I signed what will hopefully turn out to be the last bit of paperwork for the car I purchased in the middle of last month. My husband signed his portion earlier in the day.

Today, I dropped paperwork off at the office that I should have remembered to take care of last week. Now, there won’t be any residual guilt tomorrow when I have off.

Today, I took footstools my parents will be selling back to their home, and brought back to my home a coffee table my grandfather made, a crib my father made, and a typewriter (manual, I believe) that is the same as the one my parent used in college. I now can proudly boast to have three typewriters in my house, none of which are currently in use.

Today I organized my receipts (a task generally designated for Sunday evenings) and watched the film Big Eyes in time I would not otherwise have been able to write.

I also took a nap.

Now I am taking care of one last thing that is important to me, which is my blog. As I have now completed that task, I will shortly begin to write. Something interesting is about to happen, although I don’t know what quite yet. I’m sure it will come to me.

Updates about today’s words tomorrow!