The hazard of the footstool is that it often gets shoved into shins and toes when nearby humans aren’t paying attention. Gah.

Good morning, at any rate. Hope everyone slept well and is feeling good, and if you’re not feeling good I hope there’s meds available to push you in that direction.

I got caught up on my Minecraft videos yesterday, and in the evening I found a skeleton spawner rather close to where I intend to have my first base on our family server, so that was pleasing. I’m also going to be carving out a couple more slime chunks underground. Hopefully I found the right X and Z coordinates. It’s so easy to switch those around, to be honest.

I also wrote, pulling at a memory from childhood to toss into the scene. I mean, not exactly, but close. Fun stuff.

394 fiction words, 1,160 total words

The blog words were so high because of the monthly review, which should be repeated today because of the Income & Expenses post for later. I’m not going to do that just yet, though. I’ll wait until the extra person in our house vacates. Not that I don’t like extra people, or don’t trust them. I’m even getting used to this one. But it’s new, having the Youth’s friends over so often.

I’m off to write and watch videos created by gamers for the pleasure of my eyeballs.



356 fiction words, 544 total words

We have two sets of markers that my husband used when in school for graphic design (billboards and such), and they’re still in perfect shape despite being at least 20 years old. Sometimes you pay for quality and get it. Also, Staedtler makes a gorgeous marker, in fine and brush tips.

I wrote more fiction words yesterday than I wrote blog words – 356 fiction words, 544 total words. That’s a good feeling, especially since I basically checked out while doing laundry and simply consumed Downton Abbey.

Today I’m consuming about 12 hours of Hermitcraft (Minecraft), and hope to get lots of fiction words while watching other people play video games on my TV. There’s a couple hours where I’ll probably run out and get some errands done, too, because the streams don’t play well except on my phone. Well, anyway, that’s today’s plan.

I’m off for more coffee!

Once Upon a Thursday

168 fiction words, 479 total words, 0 hours on publication

My cats are learning their names. I’m unsure why I’m so excited about this, but I am.

Today is another regular day for me, another in a long line of days where I wake up, feed the cats, get coffee, work on my #bujo, journal, then do this: blogging and trying not to get distracted by all the other things going on in other tabs. My feed reader, for example. All those lovely blogs that posted content first thing this morning (or late last night) that I want to catch up on, or the webcomics that have new pages out. Gloriously distracting they are.

I wrote a bit yesterday morning and planned to write more in the evening. 168 fiction words, 479 total words. The reason more fiction words didn’t get written is simple: I needed 38 levels to add Mending to a pickaxe that was in the very last round of upgrades, and so I wanted to go grind in the Nether gathering quartz for the XP. And then I finally did it, got the final upgrade I needed, and went to gather more XP to repair both my Silk Touch pickaxe and the Fortune III pickaxe, so now I at least have the cool tools – until I can get better tools or villagers for a breeder.

And that’s my Minecraft life right now. And writing! Yesh, I do that, too.

Distractions, Distractions

68 fiction words, 433 total words, 0 hours on publication

Even though we had Monday away from work and school, I’m still looking toward the weekend and wondering how quickly it can arrive. I’m not certain why. There’s nothing particularly interesting going on once it gets here.

Yesterday was Tuesday, which means I met with my writing group. I’m very far removed from actually writing at writing group, even though I did pull the computer out of its case. Everyone was working when I was eating, and then I think I distracted them. Maybe, like in a cartoon, there’s a giant “distraction” cloud above my head, raining it wherever I go. It just took them a bit to get saturated.

I wrote 68 fiction words (433 total words), but the only publishing thing I did was order a proof copy. I think it should arrive early next week, but there is a painful lack of communication between CreateSpace and my door. I mean, it shipped. I know that much.

I’m going to try to get some writing done this morning amidst the madness of getting ready for the day. It can’t be worse than trying to write during Mary sniping at Edith, or while watching Bates try to avoid trouble with his cellmate.

Making the fabrics clean

332 total words, 1.5 hours formatting

Another day, another load of laundry.

I’m a little foggy today, needing to work harder to make my brain work to do the things I usually don’t have to think about. Don’t like it, I don’t.

Yesterday I got quite a bit accomplished in the way of formatting the interior of Space Cats. So with The 27th Letter, I did quite a bit of odd formatting to the book. I had a large bottom margin and wide edges, mostly because I could. I’m not doing anything like that this time. Normal margins, putting my name and book title at proper positions and such. That, of course, makes me want to sneak in something really special design-wise. Drop caps are nice but aren’t doing enough for me.

I’ll start flipping through some of the books on my shelves and figure out something nice.

I wrote 332 blog words yesterday and spent 1.5 hours on formatting for the print book. The formatting for the ebook has been done for quite some time, so the current plan is to finish print book formatting, do print cover, take ebook cover from that, and then publish. I was hoping to be done by May 1st, but I don’t think I’m going to get there. Especially because I must order a proof copy. I always find things in the proof copy to fix.

I may start working on a new piece of writing today, too. I’ve brought Elder Youth to do laundry with me, and he’s interested in the computer. In order to stay productive, you know.

Yesterday was yesterday

303 fiction words, 682 total words

At this very moment, I am battling hiccups. I hate hiccups. I don’t mind sneezes, though. But the hiccups are distracting and irritating. Not painful yet, but sometimes they are that.

Okay, they’re gone. Now I can focus!

I’m looking back at my #bujo for yesterday. I remember being very productive in the evening, but thinking on it further (and taking a peek at my notes), yeah. Not so much.

I mean, playing Minecraft while watching Minecraft is lots of fun! And I got a lot done on our small family server, having built a fish farm and found more diamonds.

But that’s not writing, and I’m not a YouTuber, I’m a writer. So!

I wrote 303 fiction words just before bedtime on the Y entry for A Brief History, and if I can finish up that today, I’ll just have X and Z to do before that’s done. It’s entirely possible I’ll have that completed and ready for editing/publishing.

And I had 682 words total. Not bad, not good, just words.

I’m aiming for more today!