I miss this. I thought, one entry won’t be too hard…


Yay, Friday?

79 fiction words, 605 total words, 1 hour toward publication

I got my cover finished and both the interior and cover uploaded to CreateSpace for Space Cats and got the review process in motion. The next step, after I finish this post, is to get the proof copy ordered. Then I can start working on the ebook covers. (The interiors of the ebooks have been formatted for quite some time.)

Once those are done, I’ll start working on A Brief History and 002. The former will get the same print and ebook treatment as the one I’m working on now, while 002 (I still need a title) is going to just get done as an ebook for now.

I wrote nearly nothing yesterday, having let myself get sidetracked by Minecraft. I wrote 79 fiction words, 605 total words, and put about 1 hour toward publication.