Productive Things

My free time needs to be dedicated to income-producing activities and chores. So when I tried to do one of the former but couldn’t, I had to go to the latter, which in this today’s case is taxes.

My list of income-producing activities is short.

  • day job
  • side job
  • writing
  • second side job which hasn’t coalesced into actual income yet

My list of chores is…longer.

  • feed the kids
  • do the laundry
  • do the dishes
  • do the taxes
  • try to make a budget
  • try to stick to the budget
  • do the shopping
  • don’t completely lose my shit

That last one is getting harder and harder.

I did (almost) finish the taxes, though. I got hung up on the last step, but I should be able to wrap it up tomorrow.

Tomorrow. Which hopefully will not include a meltdown on my part.

Do not completely lose my shit.



Yesterday’s early meeting went well and was over quickly. Signed the paperwork, everything looked good, and now we just get to wait.

Realized I made a somewhat critical error on Tuesday that manifested on Wednesday, but it’s fixable. I know better, though, and I’m not sure how I let it slip through. Somewhat disappointed in myself.

I went to our regional writing thing last night, and after dropping my things off with the group I went and got a haircut. It’s shorter now and a million times cuter, IMHO.

I didn’t write at our writing thing, nor did I plot. My mind was elsewhere, and when I got home, it was simply spinning on one topic, unable to refocus. I watched some movie Marines kill some space monsters, worried a bit, and eventually went to bed.

0 fiction words, 97 total words

October, November, and December usually go by pretty quickly for me. They usually go by quickly, and they usually are accompanied by a great deal of stress and tears. I get depressed. I get overwhelmed. I get frustrated and sick and I end up coming through to my birthday on a wave of negativity. This was a huge part of why I stepped down from my regional leadership role with National Novel Writing Month. In fact, it could be argued that it was the only part. I thought it would help me to not have the pressure.

So far, not helping. I’m already getting stressed and overwhelmed. Now that the one thing I said I would help with has been managed, I’m hoping that those feelings will abate. I need to focus on self-care, and on managing my house and family, and that’s hard.

Very hard.

1,334 fiction words, 1,612 total words


I’m having a rough time getting up and moving this morning. Apparently, I missed my alarm somehow, even though it’s backed up by my Fitbit and usually, the combination is enough to jolt me out of bed. This morning DH needed to say something to get me out of bed.

Well, I’m here now.

I wrote a bit yesterday, though not as much as I intended.

1,334 fiction words, 1,612 total words

Today I’d like to simply set a goal to repeat that number. Finishing the short story I started Sunday seems like almost too much to ask.

Have a lovely Tuesday, everyone!

334 total words, .75 hours editing

Anxiety and Frustration

Yesterday I finished my second swipe at things first readers found messed with their heads while reading. We’ll call those edits. I finished the edits.

Now I need to work on cover art. I still love the image I have chosen, but I need to do a little more with it. And fix the title. I had an idea. I hope I remember it.

And then I’ll need to format the print book. I’m toying with the idea of trying KDP’s new print book system, except I really like formatting the interior. It’s my place to be visually artistic with the arrangements of my words, and that makes me happy. So I’ll probably stick with CreateSpace until that new service sorts itself out. In fact, I have another piece I could try KDP’s service with. Might do that.

I blogged 334 words yesterday and edited for .75 hours, which was enough to finish. I shouldn’t dread the fixing of words because it never takes me as long as I expect it will. I believe I’ve spent only around four hours total doing first reader fixes, and probably only another four shoving things through the computer generated grammar fixer. This is probably not as much time as it deserves, but it is as much time as I gave it.

One office day’s worth. Not a lot.

My mind is elsewhere this morning, at the events to come on Friday afternoon and not in the present. There’s a bit of prep to do for that, and it routinely stresses me out. I am anxious (though there is nothing to be anxious about) and stressing (though again, there’s no real reason), and I can’t wait until Friday is over completely.