Enjoy the sky. 



Ask me to tell you a story some day, and I’ll tell you about a puppy hidden in a half-built house, a family who built their house from scrach, and a dead tree stump named Mama.

A valley between rolling hills, a farmhouse on one side and a home built into the hill on the other

I have a window and the view is fine

A window with bright blue skies and crisp, brightly illuminated clouds

I love my window today. I had occasion to work near it, and caught sight of some gorgeous clouds. They’re moving quickly, though, with threats of flash flood causing thunderstorms this afternoon. I’ll take the blue sky while I have it – and the air conditioning inside that goes with.

Just because

Trees shown behind the white railing posts of a desk.Trees and Things
I’m trying to get more comfortable with posting from my phone. The things I do easily from the desktop are a little more confusing here. I think I managed this okay, and hopefully it will allow easier (and earlier, and more spontaneous) 365 challenge posts. The thing it doesn’t do is give me my word count. Hmph.