I’m having a conflicted day, wherein one moment I’m ready to retire from Twitter and this blog (again *sigh*) for privacy reasons, and in the next moment I’m seeing the value of Facebook.

My community is not the same as it once was.

I nearly wrote that it’s not as strong, but that’s not true.

My community used to be also filled with people I had once known and was able to stay connected to on a social media service. And yesterday when I was faced with needing to find homes for two new cats that stumbled into our lives, I missed the ability I used to take for granted to be able to hop online and broadcast a message I knew dozens of people would see immediately.


Gaw. They’re so sweet I can hardly stand it.

Instead, I didn’t have that ability. But what I did have was perfect, and more than enough.

I know a woman who volunteers at a cat shelter, and she gave me two names and numbers within 5 minutes.

I know someone I see weekly that another friend was able to contact who is looking for a cat, so I was able to explore that option.

I work with someone who is a big-time animal lover and I knew, as a last resort, that they would help me place or care for these two snugglebugs.

Not to mention the other 80 or so people I have at the tip of my email-ready fingertips.

I still have a community.

So for now, I’m staying still. I’m holding my position with a blog and a twitter handle and keeping my email contact list up to date – just in case.